20 May 2011

Season 2 Episode 1 Five Hour Energy MP3 Edition

There have been problems with the enhanced format that brought interactive pictures to the podcast. I am reposting this as an mp3 that does not have enhanced features.

We bring back the 40K FIght Club Primarchs, Prophet and Hornblower, then we add in Shadow Crescents, Chapter Master of the St. Louis Chapter. We a hodge podge of topics ranging from the Fight Club website upgrades to DieCon, a gamer geek haven in the Mid West.

Download it...you know you want to!


Hey...what gives

I used an enhanced version of podcast for this one. It will display pictures on iphones, and iPods with screens. The file is actually an m4a not an mp3. If this causes too much consternation then I may not be doing this again.


14 May 2011

Season 2 Episode X: We're Back...Now With More 40K

Ok...after prodding, shaming, and public humiliation I am returning to the air waves.

As of this moment I am putting together the return annoucnement 'cast, which will just be HEY, WE ARE NOT DEAD! kinda thing to be released this weekend. After that I will release one of the eps I have had in cold storage while I record a couple more to build a buffer.

So why am I bugging you? If you didn't know the show has always had a phone number.

oh yes. we do.

Call in. give us your thoughts, wisdom, or what passes as such. Be clean, represent the club and hobby well. I won't play it otherwise.

(248) 403-8090

Sorry long distance charges do apply.

You can listen to the re-intro episode here until it populates to iTunes!

SHUT UP! And roll the dice.