14 May 2011

Season 2 Episode X: We're Back...Now With More 40K

Ok...after prodding, shaming, and public humiliation I am returning to the air waves.

As of this moment I am putting together the return annoucnement 'cast, which will just be HEY, WE ARE NOT DEAD! kinda thing to be released this weekend. After that I will release one of the eps I have had in cold storage while I record a couple more to build a buffer.

So why am I bugging you? If you didn't know the show has always had a phone number.

oh yes. we do.

Call in. give us your thoughts, wisdom, or what passes as such. Be clean, represent the club and hobby well. I won't play it otherwise.

(248) 403-8090

Sorry long distance charges do apply.

You can listen to the re-intro episode here until it populates to iTunes!

SHUT UP! And roll the dice.